Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Doc Martens!

I got these uber awesome pair of Dr Martens boots from the online store about two weeks ago. It was sort of an impulse, but then not really. It cost me $180 after tax *___*, which, I know, sounds crazy because:
  1. I have no job.
  2. I have no "proper" money.*
  3. I have no job.
* (I use osap money for everything. u_u. I know. Shame.)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Trip Downtown & Kensington Market

Yesterday I went to meet my friend Reggie, and we decided to go to Kensington Market downtown after having mentioned it a few times in the past. We started off by visiting Cafe Crepe for lunch which was at Queens Street also. I got a Strawberry w/Sugar simple crepe, which cost me like $6-7, I think. And Reggie got a simple Caramel crepe (which she devoured in like 5 minutes while we walked towards the intersection, lol). Mine was quite packed with strawberries. I didn't finish mine since I was impatient to go into the stores on the road, but I had enough to satisfy my crepe craving for the day, haha.

Then we went into the shoe stores along the road (Get Outside, Doc Martens, etc.) -- and I tried on a burgundy pair of Dr Martens, which I absolutely liked on me - but then I didn't like the price and feel of the hard leather. But then I found a pair I liked which were made of softer leather and were less clown-looking called the Nappa style (I think it's 1640s?) in size 7. I thought I was a size 8, because usually I am, but apparently DocMarts run a size smaller since they are expected to stretch. So yeah, that was one of the highlights of my shopping parts of the day. I found a pair of military-styled boots that I liked, and I think I will invest in them soon after this busy weekend is over.

So then we walked to Kensington. It was my first time going there. I thought I would have liked the vintage-looking old-style atmosphere but I found that it was more similar to the feeling of India's markets than the Southern... rodeo-kind of image I was thinking of. We got off at Queens Street West & Spadina, and then walked north-east past Chinatown, into Kensington Street. At first everything was very rustic-looking, with lots of older styled clothing boutiques. We even went into a store owned by (I think) Nepali people who were selling ethnic clothes. It was all incense and fabric inside, intense.

It was hot. So of course seeing an ice cream store meant that you had to get one. Lol. (Or maybe walking in meant that we did).

We had been walking for a while so I was literally melting in my skin. Pretty sure Reggie was too. So we decided to go for some ice cream at "Mr Icecream", which was alright. It was $3 for a small cup, which was really small when I first looked at it but then it turned out to be quite enough, actually.

I got Ferrero Rocher flavor, and Reggie got Raspberry. :3

We saw this cool graffiti-planted car on the street after crossing Mr Icecream. The insides of the car was filled with soil and plants. o_o. As was the trunk... and the front area...

Then we visited a big store which had a LOT of miscellaneous items, ranging from cups and candy to clothing and toys. I think we spent a good half an hour there, lol. (The AC definitely helped keep us in!)

After that we went to Pizzeria Libretto on Queens & Ossington.
Reggie'd had her 19th birthday lunch here two years ago and we left with a good memory. So we came back :) This time we ordered one featured vegetarian pizza and a White anchovy something pizza. The bread was really nice and light, and the ingedients weren't overwhelming or anything.
In total we split $39 and were completely bloated.

Left side: Feature pizza of the day - zucchini, goat cheese, basil, olives, and something else that I forgot. Right side: White anchovy pizza - anchovies, tomato, another kind of cheese?, lol.

Lastly we went to Nadège Patisserie, located at Queens St, between Ossington and Bathurst.
Right from the entrance I was impressed. The store looked clean, white, simple, but yet pretty cute. To be honest I didn't even notice the decor, because right away my attention was taken away by the desserts and sandwiches! XD lol.

We each bought 6 in a pack for $12.

And finally, Reggie opened her present (from like, two months ago, LOL). She's been talking about how she wanted to try these miniature Japanese food kits that she saw on youtube for a while now. So when I happened to spot these in a food store in the north and south ends of Pmall, I was so excited! 


"Ramen set"
After that we went to Eatons, because I wanted to shop for a few loose tops at Forever 21 & H&M. Lately I've been wanting more looser fitting clothes since I gained weight again and didn't feel comfortable in fitted clothes =_=. But I found three tops that I liked :) 

Overall, we had a good productive day! We went from OCAD, Cafe Crepe, past Chinatown, to Kensington Market, to Pizzeria Libretto, to Nadège, to Eatons Centre, and then home. :)

Lastly, a picture of Reggie and I from our impromptu travels on the TTC.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Herschel Backpack

So I realized that lately my blog has become some what of a ..what-did-I-buy-today-sort of blog. It's because I'm just so lazy to take pictures of myself actually wearing the items. Plus, I'm usually running late. Lol.

Anyway, yesterday I bought a new backback! :D

I got the Black Herschel Backpack from Little Burgundy.

Only ONE year limited warranty :( but not like I use warranties anyway, lol.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Everyday Minerals, July 2012

This is my second order from Everyday Minerals, though the first one was technically a half order since it was mainly samples. I ordered:
  • One foundation base in Light Medium
  • One soft bronzer
  • A double ended brush
  • & two mini sample blushes - which were on promo

I thought Light Medium was my shade, but why I didn't try out Light Medium before ordering the big size, I don't know. =_=. Actually, the LM sample was a bit darker than my skin colour so I had to mix it with Multi-Tasking Neutral sample to make it look lighter. But the big version seems to fit me fine o_o. Weird. (Or... I just got darker o_o weird again.) lol.

I'd say the coverage for this mineral base is sheer to medium. It's buildable so it differs. The "Semi-Matte" criteria DOES make my face look very moist after a few hours of wear... but "moist" is actually borderlining "oily" if I don't put loose powder over it. Though, no oxidizing, so the coverage stands.

The soft bronzer wasn't really very dark, so I suppose for lighter skinner people it'd be good for a natural look. But otherwise, ...I'm pretty sure if I went about two shades darker I could wear this as my foundation shade, lol.

I'm a fan of orange-toned blushes and lip products, so I wanted to try the coral blush "All Smiles". I was going to get the bigger product, but then with the promo going on at that time I decided to go for a bronzer in stead. Plus, I got Nature's Sweet Side along with it, which isn't really my style yet, but I could gift it to a friend~ so it was a good deal.

All Smiles looks really pink in this picture but it goes on more orange than pink. It looks really nice when I put it on since it is more orange-based. Kind of like giving my face some POP! of color.

I think I just found the orange blush I was looking for!

All Smiles

The double ended brush is nice, quite sturdy, but I find that the bristles are really anything out of the ordinary. It's soft enough, but not like... "wow" type of soft. Bought these for blush.

A problem with the sample blushes is that the containers are quite small. The small end of the dual brush seems to fit almost completely, which is fine. But the bigger end just barely fits.

So I use the smaller end to apply the colour, and then the fluffier end to blend it.

The bigger end of the dual brush dipped in All Smiles blush
The sizes compared to the Revlon 613 lipstick

A card that came with the package

And a promo coupon, which I'm probably not gonna use, so ... I'm just gonna leave it out here for anyone to use~

Will post pictures wearing these later, I'm so lazy right now, lol.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Macbook Pro Cover

Today I went to Pmall again, but this time with Charlene.
Got a new laptop cover/case for my 13" Macbook Pro (early 2011)!

I'd been using the Speck Transparent clear case, but tbh, I didn't ever like it... I just didn't feel confident enough to use colored cases a year ago =_=. And I totally should have gone with black. But anyway, yeah, so I got a new cover, finally, after almost a year :D

My favorite color since high school has always been purple and sometimes, pink. It seems though that lately I've been very much into pastels and natural/rural-toned feminine colours. So I'd been wanting a light pink case for a while now, but always felt afraid of getting attention (which, I don't even know why I'm so careful about, really =_=). I almost ordered a pink cover on eBay, like... multiple times, but I always backed out. But today since I was going to Pmall, and since I actually WAS going to buy a pink & purple case on eBay, I decided I might as well get it from Pmall (if I found a good price).

Which, I did. Got it for $13+tax.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My New Acoustic Guitar!

I ordered a Fender DG-8S Acoustic Guitar Pack from Long & Mcquade online on June 15th! And it arrived today! =D!

The reason why I didn't go and pick it up in-store was because I actually saw this specific guitar set in Steve's Music Store (downtown in Queen's Street), but I was turned off by the service and lack of extra stock, AND the state of the ONE guitar they had in stock on display. I was so bummed when I left the store cuz of an embarrassing situation that had happened there. But good thing for me, I found the same set on L&MQ's website online! And although I was going to pick it up on a Friday... (which was the friday with Charisse, actually), I found out that it was out of stock THE MORNING OF. So of course, I very very very minorly panicked, and ordered it online... even though it said Out of Stock online too... At that point I just didn't care, I just wanted my guitar, and as long as it was new out of the box, I didn't care where it came from.

So I was hoping that somehow the company would deal with the lack of stock, and I just paid, and was waiting for almost ten days until I emailed the company. A day later, an email came saying they shipped it! And THE NEXT DAY... Purolator brought it to my door. I actually didn't receive it in person, but apparently the mail guy came just ten minutes before I reached the door.

I kind of put off opening it cuz I wanted to take pictures with the dslr, but since my sister took it for her event, and since I was just so impatient... I just went ahead and used my phone to capture this memory, lol~

So on with the details of the guitar, and less of my rambling...

The order arrived in this HUGE box... which was like, around the same height as my shoulders. IT WAS EXCITING. LOL.

Right when I entered, the box was there. EXCITEMENT!
I opened the big box, and then a smaller triangular box, and THEN this box (below), and THEN the gig bag... which (finally) had the guitar. Lol.

The pack came with: "a dreadnought acoustic guitar with a solid spruce top (below), a gig bag, chromatic electronic tuner, an instruction DVD, strings, picks, and strap (not in the picture)

I specifically chose one with the (black top part?), not sure what it's called. I think it completes the simple color-theme. :)
Also, I think this guitar is maybe a 3/4 size... because it isn't as big as Charlene's full-sized guitar for sure, and it fits into my arms better. It's not 3/4, it's a full sized guitar. Though I wish it was smaller now...

Originally my budget was under $100. But when I went shopping with my friend, Charlene, my budget kept going higher as I saw the guitars in person. Eventually my "Omg, $100 for a guitar..." mindset changed to "$200 for a good guitar?! Bargain!"

In the end, the price was $199.99, with Free Shipping, L&MQ Shipping Insurance ($6), tax ($23.53), and a random $25 rebate (I don't even know but I'm not complaining!)...
the total = $204.52

I thought it was a good deal, especially because the rebate took care of the tax, and since at that time I was unsure about this, I decided to get the $6 shipping insurance. (Even though I usually never do that, I wasn't willing to take the risk this time).

PLUS! I didn't have to bother carrying the huge box home. So it was good that I ordered it online after all. Hehe :P

Now the problem is that I haven't learned the guitar before. Other than playing around with Charlene's black full-sized one, I don't know how to play chords, I don't know the placements of the fingers, how to strum, etc. etc. But my younger cousin who took some lessons before (but forgot by now) gave me his old instructions book, so maybe I'm going to start with that. (Thank goodness for diagrams!)

Maybe after I practice some, and after I learn some, I will finally be able to play the songs I've been wanting to cover. First on my list is 곁에 by 짙은! :P (Yeah, all the songs I wanna do are like, Korean, LOL). But first... I need to understand all this musical lingo ><...

Someone teach me how to strum!!! @>_<@

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Review: Daiso Blackhead Mask

My Daiso Charcoal Blackhead Pore Peel Masque Cleanser came in the mail today~! 
(Whew, that is a long name!)

I ordered it on eBay a few weeks ago, and at the cheap price of $5.14, and I thought it was a bargain compared to those nose strips that came in like small packs for around the same. This one is 80g, and apparently more effective. And since it isn't a strip, it's more convenient, since you can apply it on which ever areas you need. I always felt a bit unpleased that nose strips were in a specific shape, because not all noses are the same!!

Anyway~ so I cleansed my face with my Laneige Multileanser went ahead and applied it on my face... my WHOLE FACE. (Which I totally didn't need to do, and SHOULDN'T have done, actually, but I did...)

The texture was quite thick and sticky. It was like black gooey tar-like paste.

It started drying quite fast after I applied it. The areas I started with were already starting to solidify by the time I finished. When it was dry, it was like the texture of a hide of an animal, lol. If we were reptiles, this is how we would feel like, probably, lol~ Kind of like plastic.

Peeling off the mask was the unpleasant part. I've worn peel-off masks before, but that was years ago. Let me tell you, this mask will sting when you take it off. Especially if you put it on your forehead, your cheeks, your nose bridge, and anywhere near your eyes -- which you're not supposed to do. WHY I didn't think this through, I don't know.

I was just supposed to put it on my nose, that's what I'd bought it for, but after looking at the cartoon picture on the cover, I kind of just got carried away, lol.

In the end, I don't think it did much pore tightening, but it left my face really dry and red.

It definitely did get out some blackheads/whiteheads/I dunno whats, though! 

I don't like to think I have sensitive skin, more like dry/combination; but the instructions on the back did say to use "Essence" if you have dry skin. Oh well.

My face is always so red/blemish-showing after I wash my face... =/ good thing it hides itself after it settles down though :P

Warning: Disgusting pictures of the mask peel below!

Nose area

So after I washed off the residue and patted dry, my face was all pink and stinging... which isn't a good sign, but I dunno.

So I used my CURE Natural Aqua Gel to get all the dead skin off :D
The only times I use this are the times when I need to, which is the only time I'm actually glad I bought it, lol. Other times I'm usually cursing at myself so spending so much money on it.

And then I used my favorite Skinfood Rice Mask. I tried this mask about two years ago, when I bought it for cheap from eBay. Then so conveniently my friend gave me a travel size one JUST as I was finishing my tub. This mask saved my face from when it was really dry.

Handy-dandy travel size, given as a souvenir by my friend

And after Laneige toner + essence + emulsion, my skin was much less red than before. I think the mask was just meant to be used mainly for the nose area. Or if you have like.. strong skin *_*. Sensitive skin people, beware.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Day Out with Reggie~!

Today I went out to meet my friend, Reggie (nickname), after a long time. We went to eat lunch at Fairview (again... lol).

A polaroid capture of me, taken by Reggie. See that big pile of cheese? YUP. It was my lunch! (It was actually the appetizer, but I didn't realize it would be for four people >< lmao) (So we shared, but still couldn't defeat the overwhelming cheesiness and had to walk away defeated with a take out box...)

Reggie with her cute digital polaroid~ (and the poutine -- which she finished! at least one of us finished her food, lol)

After lunch we went to watch Snow White and the Huntsman, which was... not... bad. But I can't exactly say it was great either. When the credits rolled, both of us were just like "...what... I... don't know what to say", LOL. I liked the look of the film, it was definitely HD and stunning. But can't say the same for the acting and editing. Kristen Stewart's acting was a bit meh, even though I tried to like it, I really did. And Charliz Theron was ...dramatic. O_O.

Some parts of the film were a bit 'off' too... like the scene would just cut, or it would seem random. Overall it could have been a lot better. It felt like there was potential that just fizzed out... and when we were done, both of us just had some kind of "incomplete" feeling. Which should never be a good thing to feel coming out from the theatres, I say.

The only thing I liked for sure was THORRRR~~~~~~ (lol~)
Chris Hemsworth~~~~
omgg~ la la la~ boy, did I like watching him, haha.
I realized today that I started having a bit of a crush on him. I didn't really pay much attention to him in Thor and Avengers, but in this movie he totally stole the scenes for me. He looked less "god-like" this time, and he was much more... human. Charming, he is. (And the Australian accent doesn't hurt!!)  ;)

Anyway, we walked around a bit, and took pictures, la la la~

The polaroid of us together, her camera, and her newly bought canvas backpack!

We also visited the Apple store, and out of habit, I just had to webcam, lol!

 The Apple store's lighting always makes me look so much better than in actuality, haha. I always look pale, and my lips always pink. I approve. XD

Anyway, it was a quick hang out, but it was still nice. I actually was supposed to give her her birthday present (from like, almost a month past), but I, being stupid, forgot to bring it with me =____=. It wasn't until I was on the second bus that I remembered, and since I was already a bit late, I didn't want to go back and get it.

Meh! I guess it was meant to be! We'll just have to hang out again! Mwaha!

Yay for a picture of us together! (We don't have a lot, but will work on that!)

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