Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My New Acoustic Guitar!

I ordered a Fender DG-8S Acoustic Guitar Pack from Long & Mcquade online on June 15th! And it arrived today! =D!

The reason why I didn't go and pick it up in-store was because I actually saw this specific guitar set in Steve's Music Store (downtown in Queen's Street), but I was turned off by the service and lack of extra stock, AND the state of the ONE guitar they had in stock on display. I was so bummed when I left the store cuz of an embarrassing situation that had happened there. But good thing for me, I found the same set on L&MQ's website online! And although I was going to pick it up on a Friday... (which was the friday with Charisse, actually), I found out that it was out of stock THE MORNING OF. So of course, I very very very minorly panicked, and ordered it online... even though it said Out of Stock online too... At that point I just didn't care, I just wanted my guitar, and as long as it was new out of the box, I didn't care where it came from.

So I was hoping that somehow the company would deal with the lack of stock, and I just paid, and was waiting for almost ten days until I emailed the company. A day later, an email came saying they shipped it! And THE NEXT DAY... Purolator brought it to my door. I actually didn't receive it in person, but apparently the mail guy came just ten minutes before I reached the door.

I kind of put off opening it cuz I wanted to take pictures with the dslr, but since my sister took it for her event, and since I was just so impatient... I just went ahead and used my phone to capture this memory, lol~

So on with the details of the guitar, and less of my rambling...

The order arrived in this HUGE box... which was like, around the same height as my shoulders. IT WAS EXCITING. LOL.

Right when I entered, the box was there. EXCITEMENT!
I opened the big box, and then a smaller triangular box, and THEN this box (below), and THEN the gig bag... which (finally) had the guitar. Lol.

The pack came with: "a dreadnought acoustic guitar with a solid spruce top (below), a gig bag, chromatic electronic tuner, an instruction DVD, strings, picks, and strap (not in the picture)

I specifically chose one with the (black top part?), not sure what it's called. I think it completes the simple color-theme. :)
Also, I think this guitar is maybe a 3/4 size... because it isn't as big as Charlene's full-sized guitar for sure, and it fits into my arms better. It's not 3/4, it's a full sized guitar. Though I wish it was smaller now...

Originally my budget was under $100. But when I went shopping with my friend, Charlene, my budget kept going higher as I saw the guitars in person. Eventually my "Omg, $100 for a guitar..." mindset changed to "$200 for a good guitar?! Bargain!"

In the end, the price was $199.99, with Free Shipping, L&MQ Shipping Insurance ($6), tax ($23.53), and a random $25 rebate (I don't even know but I'm not complaining!)...
the total = $204.52

I thought it was a good deal, especially because the rebate took care of the tax, and since at that time I was unsure about this, I decided to get the $6 shipping insurance. (Even though I usually never do that, I wasn't willing to take the risk this time).

PLUS! I didn't have to bother carrying the huge box home. So it was good that I ordered it online after all. Hehe :P

Now the problem is that I haven't learned the guitar before. Other than playing around with Charlene's black full-sized one, I don't know how to play chords, I don't know the placements of the fingers, how to strum, etc. etc. But my younger cousin who took some lessons before (but forgot by now) gave me his old instructions book, so maybe I'm going to start with that. (Thank goodness for diagrams!)

Maybe after I practice some, and after I learn some, I will finally be able to play the songs I've been wanting to cover. First on my list is 곁에 by 짙은! :P (Yeah, all the songs I wanna do are like, Korean, LOL). But first... I need to understand all this musical lingo ><...

Someone teach me how to strum!!! @>_<@

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Review: Daiso Blackhead Mask

My Daiso Charcoal Blackhead Pore Peel Masque Cleanser came in the mail today~! 
(Whew, that is a long name!)

I ordered it on eBay a few weeks ago, and at the cheap price of $5.14, and I thought it was a bargain compared to those nose strips that came in like small packs for around the same. This one is 80g, and apparently more effective. And since it isn't a strip, it's more convenient, since you can apply it on which ever areas you need. I always felt a bit unpleased that nose strips were in a specific shape, because not all noses are the same!!

Anyway~ so I cleansed my face with my Laneige Multileanser went ahead and applied it on my face... my WHOLE FACE. (Which I totally didn't need to do, and SHOULDN'T have done, actually, but I did...)

The texture was quite thick and sticky. It was like black gooey tar-like paste.

It started drying quite fast after I applied it. The areas I started with were already starting to solidify by the time I finished. When it was dry, it was like the texture of a hide of an animal, lol. If we were reptiles, this is how we would feel like, probably, lol~ Kind of like plastic.

Peeling off the mask was the unpleasant part. I've worn peel-off masks before, but that was years ago. Let me tell you, this mask will sting when you take it off. Especially if you put it on your forehead, your cheeks, your nose bridge, and anywhere near your eyes -- which you're not supposed to do. WHY I didn't think this through, I don't know.

I was just supposed to put it on my nose, that's what I'd bought it for, but after looking at the cartoon picture on the cover, I kind of just got carried away, lol.

In the end, I don't think it did much pore tightening, but it left my face really dry and red.

It definitely did get out some blackheads/whiteheads/I dunno whats, though! 

I don't like to think I have sensitive skin, more like dry/combination; but the instructions on the back did say to use "Essence" if you have dry skin. Oh well.

My face is always so red/blemish-showing after I wash my face... =/ good thing it hides itself after it settles down though :P

Warning: Disgusting pictures of the mask peel below!

Nose area

So after I washed off the residue and patted dry, my face was all pink and stinging... which isn't a good sign, but I dunno.

So I used my CURE Natural Aqua Gel to get all the dead skin off :D
The only times I use this are the times when I need to, which is the only time I'm actually glad I bought it, lol. Other times I'm usually cursing at myself so spending so much money on it.

And then I used my favorite Skinfood Rice Mask. I tried this mask about two years ago, when I bought it for cheap from eBay. Then so conveniently my friend gave me a travel size one JUST as I was finishing my tub. This mask saved my face from when it was really dry.

Handy-dandy travel size, given as a souvenir by my friend

And after Laneige toner + essence + emulsion, my skin was much less red than before. I think the mask was just meant to be used mainly for the nose area. Or if you have like.. strong skin *_*. Sensitive skin people, beware.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Day Out with Reggie~!

Today I went out to meet my friend, Reggie (nickname), after a long time. We went to eat lunch at Fairview (again... lol).

A polaroid capture of me, taken by Reggie. See that big pile of cheese? YUP. It was my lunch! (It was actually the appetizer, but I didn't realize it would be for four people >< lmao) (So we shared, but still couldn't defeat the overwhelming cheesiness and had to walk away defeated with a take out box...)

Reggie with her cute digital polaroid~ (and the poutine -- which she finished! at least one of us finished her food, lol)

After lunch we went to watch Snow White and the Huntsman, which was... not... bad. But I can't exactly say it was great either. When the credits rolled, both of us were just like "...what... I... don't know what to say", LOL. I liked the look of the film, it was definitely HD and stunning. But can't say the same for the acting and editing. Kristen Stewart's acting was a bit meh, even though I tried to like it, I really did. And Charliz Theron was ...dramatic. O_O.

Some parts of the film were a bit 'off' too... like the scene would just cut, or it would seem random. Overall it could have been a lot better. It felt like there was potential that just fizzed out... and when we were done, both of us just had some kind of "incomplete" feeling. Which should never be a good thing to feel coming out from the theatres, I say.

The only thing I liked for sure was THORRRR~~~~~~ (lol~)
Chris Hemsworth~~~~
omgg~ la la la~ boy, did I like watching him, haha.
I realized today that I started having a bit of a crush on him. I didn't really pay much attention to him in Thor and Avengers, but in this movie he totally stole the scenes for me. He looked less "god-like" this time, and he was much more... human. Charming, he is. (And the Australian accent doesn't hurt!!)  ;)

Anyway, we walked around a bit, and took pictures, la la la~

The polaroid of us together, her camera, and her newly bought canvas backpack!

We also visited the Apple store, and out of habit, I just had to webcam, lol!

 The Apple store's lighting always makes me look so much better than in actuality, haha. I always look pale, and my lips always pink. I approve. XD

Anyway, it was a quick hang out, but it was still nice. I actually was supposed to give her her birthday present (from like, almost a month past), but I, being stupid, forgot to bring it with me =____=. It wasn't until I was on the second bus that I remembered, and since I was already a bit late, I didn't want to go back and get it.

Meh! I guess it was meant to be! We'll just have to hang out again! Mwaha!

Yay for a picture of us together! (We don't have a lot, but will work on that!)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review: Everyday Minerals Samples Kit!

Yesterday, my Everyday Minerals samples order finally arrived in the mail!

I'd been looking for a mineral foundation for a while now, and though I actually prefer pressed powder foundations over mineral, it's mainly because I hate having to tap the product into the lid. I almost always end up making a mess; and pressed powder is just so much more convenient. But after looking through reviews online, I came upon this brand of foundation... and the price just got to me. Even though it's mineral, not pressed, I trusted my instincts and went for it. Best of all, they gave out samples for FREE!

What first caught my interest was the variety of shades they offered. When I first when to the products page, I was SO CONFUSED. There was Light Fair, Light Medium, Medium Fair, Medium Neutral... I was like "???!!?". But then on their website they had a 'base finder' page, which listed all the types of shades and matched it to the different undertones people have. This part impressed me, because there explained undertones according to the vein colours on the underside of the arm, and according to how you tan. If you are someone who has trouble identifying your skin tone/shade, check this page out here: Know Your Undertones!!!

I'm a Light Medium. But I haven't confirmed this yet. *Will post pictures later when I do!*
Anyway, on with the pictures!!

Compact packaging

I haven't even tried the product yet but LOOK AT HOW CUTE THE PACKAGING IS!?!


Multi-Tasking Concealer - Travel

A roller ball applicator top

To be honest, I was disappointed that the samples didn't come in tiny plastic containers, but I suppose this is better for disposal and all. That, and the bunny prints totally distracted me, lmao!

Can't wait to try them all out!

(*Update: June 23)
So I tried out the Multi-Tasking Neutral (Matte) sample, and I found that yeah, I really don't like that the samples didn't come in small containers. The packet was basically a mini zip-lock packet, with powder everywhere. Anyhow, I used my BareMinerals lid to swirl the product into my brush. I found that the texture is similar, and the look is similar too.

The reason why I wanted to replace my BareMinerals was because:
  1. I think I got the wrong shade -- it's too pink-toned for me, and my face already being a different colour from my neck, it looked unnatural. 
  2. Second, BM's texture is a bit scaly to me. I prefer more dusty/natural over plastic/scaly. At least over time the dust can settle into a powder-y look. But the scaly just makes it look so unnatural, I just wasn't pleased.

As for the shade, I don't know if I like Multi-Tasking Neutral for my face, it's still a bit pink-toned, or makes my face looks paler/pinker. So maybe I'll try the other samples and compare later on. But for now, moving on to the pics!

Everyday Minerals sample of Multi-tasking Neutral Matte, Everyday Minerals Concealer (lightly under the eyes), Dior Diorshow Mascara, Annabelle Smoothliner in Black & Taupe, ELF blush, L'oreal Lip balm in Caring Coral, mixed with Revlon's Creamsicle (which I bought a few days ago!)

With flash

Doesn't look that bad from far away, yeah?

Took it real quick before leaving for the day

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Day in Vaughn

I went to Charisse's house today.

The plan was to go there before noontime, because usually if I go somewhere after noontime, I feel like the day is somewhat shorter. So I left the house at around 11:30, and then realized that I had no cash, and no TTC bus tokens except for one. So I ended up spending time going to the bank at Finch to withdraw money. By the time I got to the YRT/VIVA bus station, it was around 12:40-ish?

So I get on, I sit for about 10-15 minutes, all the while playing with my phone... and then I realize, "Wait. I'm on a bus. And I'm not on just ANY bus. I'm on the bus to Charisse's house..." then I look outside, AND I DON'T RECOGNIZE MY SURROUNDINGS.


So I sort of mini-freeze... and try to call her to ask for assistance/ideas, and the call doesn't connect. =_=. So then I look up the map for the bus route, and not knowing how far or how long the bus was going to take, I just stay sitting... hoping that maybe I could just sit until it looped back. Boy, was I wrong. It was a good thing Charisse called me back, because otherwise I would have sat waiting in that bus for HOURS, apparently. SMH. It was so fail. Lol.

Anyway, so I got on the bus going the opposite direction, eventually. And eventually, I reached Charisse's.

Now the nice parts! Yay! :D

We went to the grocery store and bought frozen pizza, perogies, a pack of cheesestrings, eggs for her errand, cheetos, and a lemon (for lightening my hair in the sun). We also visited this guitar shop, which was cool because I got to learn some things about guitar sizes and wood types. But after that I bought a Tim Horton's sandwich, chocolate donut, and lemonade; which was a total waste of money. Especially because I forgot to eat the sandwich once we started baking the frozen foods, and then I left the sandwich at Charisse's house. =__=.

The whole day we practically spent half the time sitting at her kitchen island, either waiting for frozen foods to bake, or eating them. LOL. 

The cake Charisse baked, it was nicely moist and soft~

The Chicken Salad Sandwich that I forgot in my bag >_>...

Spinach Pizza

We sort of overcooked it, but it was still yums!

Cheetos~~~~ (which I totally need to buy for myself)

Using Chicken curry leftover garlic bits and sauce as dip for my pizza, lol!

The Chicken curry Charisse's mom made (this is just the leftover gingers though)

Me, reusing the Lemonade cup, for water

Spinach and Feta Cheese Perogies!!!!!
Arranged nicely to bake in the oven

Meanwhile, the avocado Charisse used to make her 'Green shake'

It was my first time directly trying avocado, and let's just say... I WAS NOT PLEASED.

The concoction that I could not stand, but which Charisse loved. *_*

Cute pink dish washing scrub... which grabbed my attention, because I've always used the ugly green ones. ;_; this is so random, but still.

We might have over baked the perogies too, but whatever! Better than it being raw! lol.

Our second spinach-containing dish of the day, hmm...

A lovely picture of Charisse~

And then this was when we finally moved OUT of the kitchen, and back into the family room, and Reese (Charisse's very cute dog) asked to climb up on the sofa, and then stole Charisse's spot from RIGHT UNDER HER! LOL!

We also took Reese for a walk to the park in the neighbourhood. And though we were supposed to come back, and then go to the OTHER park on the other side of the neighbourhood, we ended up just staying in, lol. So technically, this outing was more of a staying in day.

We didn't do anything extraordinary, but it was a mellow, low-key, very relaxed sort of hanging out.
It was nice~ ♡
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