Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Day in Vaughn

I went to Charisse's house today.

The plan was to go there before noontime, because usually if I go somewhere after noontime, I feel like the day is somewhat shorter. So I left the house at around 11:30, and then realized that I had no cash, and no TTC bus tokens except for one. So I ended up spending time going to the bank at Finch to withdraw money. By the time I got to the YRT/VIVA bus station, it was around 12:40-ish?

So I get on, I sit for about 10-15 minutes, all the while playing with my phone... and then I realize, "Wait. I'm on a bus. And I'm not on just ANY bus. I'm on the bus to Charisse's house..." then I look outside, AND I DON'T RECOGNIZE MY SURROUNDINGS.


So I sort of mini-freeze... and try to call her to ask for assistance/ideas, and the call doesn't connect. =_=. So then I look up the map for the bus route, and not knowing how far or how long the bus was going to take, I just stay sitting... hoping that maybe I could just sit until it looped back. Boy, was I wrong. It was a good thing Charisse called me back, because otherwise I would have sat waiting in that bus for HOURS, apparently. SMH. It was so fail. Lol.

Anyway, so I got on the bus going the opposite direction, eventually. And eventually, I reached Charisse's.

Now the nice parts! Yay! :D

We went to the grocery store and bought frozen pizza, perogies, a pack of cheesestrings, eggs for her errand, cheetos, and a lemon (for lightening my hair in the sun). We also visited this guitar shop, which was cool because I got to learn some things about guitar sizes and wood types. But after that I bought a Tim Horton's sandwich, chocolate donut, and lemonade; which was a total waste of money. Especially because I forgot to eat the sandwich once we started baking the frozen foods, and then I left the sandwich at Charisse's house. =__=.

The whole day we practically spent half the time sitting at her kitchen island, either waiting for frozen foods to bake, or eating them. LOL. 

The cake Charisse baked, it was nicely moist and soft~

The Chicken Salad Sandwich that I forgot in my bag >_>...

Spinach Pizza

We sort of overcooked it, but it was still yums!

Cheetos~~~~ (which I totally need to buy for myself)

Using Chicken curry leftover garlic bits and sauce as dip for my pizza, lol!

The Chicken curry Charisse's mom made (this is just the leftover gingers though)

Me, reusing the Lemonade cup, for water

Spinach and Feta Cheese Perogies!!!!!
Arranged nicely to bake in the oven

Meanwhile, the avocado Charisse used to make her 'Green shake'

It was my first time directly trying avocado, and let's just say... I WAS NOT PLEASED.

The concoction that I could not stand, but which Charisse loved. *_*

Cute pink dish washing scrub... which grabbed my attention, because I've always used the ugly green ones. ;_; this is so random, but still.

We might have over baked the perogies too, but whatever! Better than it being raw! lol.

Our second spinach-containing dish of the day, hmm...

A lovely picture of Charisse~

And then this was when we finally moved OUT of the kitchen, and back into the family room, and Reese (Charisse's very cute dog) asked to climb up on the sofa, and then stole Charisse's spot from RIGHT UNDER HER! LOL!

We also took Reese for a walk to the park in the neighbourhood. And though we were supposed to come back, and then go to the OTHER park on the other side of the neighbourhood, we ended up just staying in, lol. So technically, this outing was more of a staying in day.

We didn't do anything extraordinary, but it was a mellow, low-key, very relaxed sort of hanging out.
It was nice~ ♡

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