Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review: Everyday Minerals Samples Kit!

Yesterday, my Everyday Minerals samples order finally arrived in the mail!

I'd been looking for a mineral foundation for a while now, and though I actually prefer pressed powder foundations over mineral, it's mainly because I hate having to tap the product into the lid. I almost always end up making a mess; and pressed powder is just so much more convenient. But after looking through reviews online, I came upon this brand of foundation... and the price just got to me. Even though it's mineral, not pressed, I trusted my instincts and went for it. Best of all, they gave out samples for FREE!

What first caught my interest was the variety of shades they offered. When I first when to the products page, I was SO CONFUSED. There was Light Fair, Light Medium, Medium Fair, Medium Neutral... I was like "???!!?". But then on their website they had a 'base finder' page, which listed all the types of shades and matched it to the different undertones people have. This part impressed me, because there explained undertones according to the vein colours on the underside of the arm, and according to how you tan. If you are someone who has trouble identifying your skin tone/shade, check this page out here: Know Your Undertones!!!

I'm a Light Medium. But I haven't confirmed this yet. *Will post pictures later when I do!*
Anyway, on with the pictures!!

Compact packaging

I haven't even tried the product yet but LOOK AT HOW CUTE THE PACKAGING IS!?!


Multi-Tasking Concealer - Travel

A roller ball applicator top

To be honest, I was disappointed that the samples didn't come in tiny plastic containers, but I suppose this is better for disposal and all. That, and the bunny prints totally distracted me, lmao!

Can't wait to try them all out!

(*Update: June 23)
So I tried out the Multi-Tasking Neutral (Matte) sample, and I found that yeah, I really don't like that the samples didn't come in small containers. The packet was basically a mini zip-lock packet, with powder everywhere. Anyhow, I used my BareMinerals lid to swirl the product into my brush. I found that the texture is similar, and the look is similar too.

The reason why I wanted to replace my BareMinerals was because:
  1. I think I got the wrong shade -- it's too pink-toned for me, and my face already being a different colour from my neck, it looked unnatural. 
  2. Second, BM's texture is a bit scaly to me. I prefer more dusty/natural over plastic/scaly. At least over time the dust can settle into a powder-y look. But the scaly just makes it look so unnatural, I just wasn't pleased.

As for the shade, I don't know if I like Multi-Tasking Neutral for my face, it's still a bit pink-toned, or makes my face looks paler/pinker. So maybe I'll try the other samples and compare later on. But for now, moving on to the pics!

Everyday Minerals sample of Multi-tasking Neutral Matte, Everyday Minerals Concealer (lightly under the eyes), Dior Diorshow Mascara, Annabelle Smoothliner in Black & Taupe, ELF blush, L'oreal Lip balm in Caring Coral, mixed with Revlon's Creamsicle (which I bought a few days ago!)

With flash

Doesn't look that bad from far away, yeah?

Took it real quick before leaving for the day

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  1. Hello. Do you remember, if is shade Light too dark or too yellow, please?


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