Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Good Outing Day!

Yesterday I went out to Pmall and Fairview with my friend Charisse. I'd originally planned to go downtown to Long & Mcquade to get this guitar pack that I had my eye on, but when I checked online yesterday I found that it was sold out. So... I freaked and ordered it online. o-o. Which... I should have just done earlier in the week. Smh.

Anyhow, since we'd already made plans to go out, we decided to go to Pmall first. And good thing we did! I found quite a few things that I had been looking for/keeping tabs on online. I got these from Pmall on impulse... but I'd been looking for the plastic stretchy hair bands and plastic donut bun maker for a while! So yeah, it was nice to finally find it in the Beauty stores there. I had read good reviews on the Q10 Nano Eye mask and I sent one to my friend in India through eBay, but I dunno why, I bought it for myself too. It was cheaper than online (for $10) so I didn't feel as guilty, I guess.

Also, I (finally) bought the Palty hair dye *_*. I'd pushed off dyeing my hair for so long, but I finally went through with it and bought it, meaning I'll really do it now. Not! I just read bad reviews on it! This is what happens with impulse purchases! What I'll do with it now? I dunno =_=. Maybe I'll try it out anyway but just do some parts of the hair? Iunno. I'll see.

Moving on, I also got the Biore Body Foam wash -- WHICH I thought was going to come out in foam form like the Marshmellow Foam Whip, but it turned out NOT. It was such a bummer, cuz I spent $12 on just... regular soap. Smh.

Biore Body Foam in Refresh (Apple scented) ($12), Q10 Nano Eye Mask ($10), Palty Hair Dye in Namachoco Waffle ($10), Donut hair bun maker ($5)

So we went to Fairview afterwards, and we spent most of our four hours at H&M, Forever 21, and Shoppers. Finally found the Revlon Lipbalm in Tutti Frutti and L'oreal Colourburst Lip Butter in Caring Coral! I wanted Rose Elixir too, but that was sold out, unfortunately. But still, it was satisfying enough! I went to about three or four Shoppers to get the Revlon and L'oreal Lip colours but the ones I wanted were always sold out. So this was definitely the highlight of my purchases of the day, lol.

My latest additions to my lip products collection: bought these from Shoppers this week:

Strawberry Shortcake, Caring Coral, and Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti, Caring Coral, and Strawberry Shortcake
I bought the 080 - Strawberry Shortcake on Monday when I went downtown with Charlene. It wasn't Tutti Frutti or the other pink one I wanted from Revlon (which I can't remember anymore), but I went according to the label colour. It turned out to be more mauve-y pink than bubblegum pink, but I decided to keep it anyway.

And from H&M and Forever 21:

Black & White floral skirt - Forever 21, $11.80

Cream floral print skirt - Forever 21, on sale for $10

H&M Skinny light denim pants ($12.95), Pink and bronze spring necklace - Forever 21, $4.80?
Burgundy oversized cardigan - H&M, on sale for $20

Overall it was a good day.
The day was unplanned, and we just made decisions on the moment, and it felt good! We even went to Destinys after Fairview, cuz our friend Liana returned from her program in Sasketchewan, and it was like a reunion thing. The best part? Charisse and I walked around in our wedges for like.. 10 hours. On and off, I suppose, but still, it was mainly walking! Actually, we even ran twice I think! Lol. (We are newbies so it's something worth mentioning).

But yeah~ it was a good outing day. :)

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  1. Mice deals on the Forever21 and h&m items. I can never find anything on sale at that price! :(


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