Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Lip Collection 2012

I always find that I never finish my products. And yet, I keep buying more and more.

So I just recently added the Revlon Colorburst & L'oreal Lipbalm series to my purse, but I decided to take a take a picture of all the lip products that I currently own (and haven't given to my sister).

Revlon Lipstick in 613 Just Enough Buff, MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner (from years ago), Revlon Colorburst in 015 Tutti Fruitti, L'oreal Lipbalm in 418 Caring Coral, Revlon Colorburst in 080 Strawberry Shortcake, Korres Lip Butter in Mango, and Miss Tangerine Follow Me Tint in Orange

The new Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter series seems to be really good for my lips, especially because I have a tendency to bite my lips, which when added to the lack of moisturizing, makes my lips look really not smooth (--the reason why I only wear balms). I don't wear lipstick because it feels and looks unnatural. Which is why I sort of gave away my Revlon 613 to my sister, (even though she's only 15, lol). But the Colorburst series is like a mixture of lipstick + balm so it's perfect. It doesn't feel AS unnatural, looks like lipstick, is of a nice texture, and is balmy enough at the same time. So it's nice. I can appear more sophisticated (ha!) while still feeling comfortable.

I'm kinda tempted to get the Creme Brulee or Berry Smoothie, but I know I shouldn't... it's not a necessity, per se... and I already spent like $30+ on the three new additions. (Which, if my friend Charlene heard about, would shake her head and give me a huff at)

Now the L'oreal Lip butter series... I only have the 418 Caring Coral. I actually haven't even tried it yet, so I can't exactly say. Actually, I just tried it, and it's good! I had been eyeing it for quite a while. I'd read good reviews on it too, so it was like "yay~!" when I finally found the color I wanted. I wanted to get Rose Elixir at first, but I couldn't find it in stock so that was a no-go. The texture of this series seems to be really smooth and balmy. Which is totally what I like, usually, but lately I've been wanting more colour... so maybe this one will have to stay below the Revlon ones on my favorites list. For now. The only time I use it is when I need some moisturizing action on my lips but my hands aren't clean for the Korres. Or if I need a bit of color and sheen on my lips, but I don't want to get the full color effect from Revlon Colorburst. The colour is really sheer, so although I got Coral, its like.. more pink than orange. Which kind of makes me wonder if I want to get Rose Elixir anyway now...

I hope it will be somewhat different than how the Korres one turns out though IT IS. The texture/appearance looks very similar to me. But the main difference is that the Korres one is more of a sticky coloured balm than the L'oreal one. And the L'oreal has more sheen than Korres (which has more of a tinted colour). Not to say that I don't like my Korres anymore! I totally still love it. I just hate having to wait until I can wash my hands until I can apply it again. I should have gotten the tube, totally. Sigh.

The Korres definitely lasts longer than the L'oreal Lip Butter though. It's more moisturizing and the color is more prominent. The lip butter is more like a gloss, but without the stickiness of a gloss.

If I were to rank the three...
1. Korres
2. L'oreal Lip Butter
3. Revlon Colorburst

1. Revlon Colorburst
2. Korres
3. L'oreal Lip Butter

There's also the Miss Tangerine Follow Me lip tint in the Orange colour, but I don't use it anymore, to be honest. Especially because it's a -tint-, and because my lips are already more of a red shade than pink... I stopped using it. It IS an orange shade... but when it melts, it's pink. And I mean BRIGHT pink. I ordered it hoping for more of a coral-y orange result, but it makes me look like I'm wearing orange-ish red.

And then there's the old Mac Tinted Lip Conditioner from maybe two years ago (><). Like I said before, I hardly EVER finish my products, so yeah... this is another one of them... (><) and I hate throwing things away, so it's just... been in my makeup pile. =_=. I still like the colour of this, but it doesn't feel good compared to the newer products, so it's another one of the "I-don't-use-it-but-keep-it-to-make-my-collections-look-bigger" type of things. It's probably expired too, but... anyway, moving on.

Miss Tangerine Follow Me Tint in Orange, MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner, Revlon Lipstick in 613 Just Enough Buff, Revlon Colorburst in 080 Strawberry Shortcake, L'oreal Lipbalm in 418 Caring Coral, Revlon Colorburst in 015 Tutti Fruitti,  Korres Lip Butter in Mango

My arm is so pale, the mauve pink looks even more bright =_=

The Miss Tangerine tint is so bright here, it actually tinted my arm pink after just 5 minutes of wear, lol.

The Korres swatch looks so brown here, but it's not, it's just the lighting.

Anyway, so yeah... those are the products I have for 2012! Archiving :P


  1. So many colours :D I've been meaning to buy the Revlon lip butters as well and they're perfect since I'm not really into make up that much so lipstick is a no-no.

    1. Yeah~ lip butters are such a great substitute for lipsticks. I got my friend a similar item (and she's not that into makeup either) and she loved it :D


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