Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My New Acoustic Guitar!

I ordered a Fender DG-8S Acoustic Guitar Pack from Long & Mcquade online on June 15th! And it arrived today! =D!

The reason why I didn't go and pick it up in-store was because I actually saw this specific guitar set in Steve's Music Store (downtown in Queen's Street), but I was turned off by the service and lack of extra stock, AND the state of the ONE guitar they had in stock on display. I was so bummed when I left the store cuz of an embarrassing situation that had happened there. But good thing for me, I found the same set on L&MQ's website online! And although I was going to pick it up on a Friday... (which was the friday with Charisse, actually), I found out that it was out of stock THE MORNING OF. So of course, I very very very minorly panicked, and ordered it online... even though it said Out of Stock online too... At that point I just didn't care, I just wanted my guitar, and as long as it was new out of the box, I didn't care where it came from.

So I was hoping that somehow the company would deal with the lack of stock, and I just paid, and was waiting for almost ten days until I emailed the company. A day later, an email came saying they shipped it! And THE NEXT DAY... Purolator brought it to my door. I actually didn't receive it in person, but apparently the mail guy came just ten minutes before I reached the door.

I kind of put off opening it cuz I wanted to take pictures with the dslr, but since my sister took it for her event, and since I was just so impatient... I just went ahead and used my phone to capture this memory, lol~

So on with the details of the guitar, and less of my rambling...

The order arrived in this HUGE box... which was like, around the same height as my shoulders. IT WAS EXCITING. LOL.

Right when I entered, the box was there. EXCITEMENT!
I opened the big box, and then a smaller triangular box, and THEN this box (below), and THEN the gig bag... which (finally) had the guitar. Lol.

The pack came with: "a dreadnought acoustic guitar with a solid spruce top (below), a gig bag, chromatic electronic tuner, an instruction DVD, strings, picks, and strap (not in the picture)

I specifically chose one with the (black top part?), not sure what it's called. I think it completes the simple color-theme. :)
Also, I think this guitar is maybe a 3/4 size... because it isn't as big as Charlene's full-sized guitar for sure, and it fits into my arms better. It's not 3/4, it's a full sized guitar. Though I wish it was smaller now...

Originally my budget was under $100. But when I went shopping with my friend, Charlene, my budget kept going higher as I saw the guitars in person. Eventually my "Omg, $100 for a guitar..." mindset changed to "$200 for a good guitar?! Bargain!"

In the end, the price was $199.99, with Free Shipping, L&MQ Shipping Insurance ($6), tax ($23.53), and a random $25 rebate (I don't even know but I'm not complaining!)...
the total = $204.52

I thought it was a good deal, especially because the rebate took care of the tax, and since at that time I was unsure about this, I decided to get the $6 shipping insurance. (Even though I usually never do that, I wasn't willing to take the risk this time).

PLUS! I didn't have to bother carrying the huge box home. So it was good that I ordered it online after all. Hehe :P

Now the problem is that I haven't learned the guitar before. Other than playing around with Charlene's black full-sized one, I don't know how to play chords, I don't know the placements of the fingers, how to strum, etc. etc. But my younger cousin who took some lessons before (but forgot by now) gave me his old instructions book, so maybe I'm going to start with that. (Thank goodness for diagrams!)

Maybe after I practice some, and after I learn some, I will finally be able to play the songs I've been wanting to cover. First on my list is 곁에 by 짙은! :P (Yeah, all the songs I wanna do are like, Korean, LOL). But first... I need to understand all this musical lingo ><...

Someone teach me how to strum!!! @>_<@


  1. I've always be impressed by the person who know how to pay an instrument. When I was younger, my mother thought it was a good idea to offer me a guitar...
    Now, the instrument is in a corner of my bedroom and is covered of dust T_T

    1. Playing the right instrument feels really good. You should try taking off the dust covers and playing it! Food for the soul~ haha :P

  2. Very well written :)

    I hope you've learnt how to strum by now.

  3. Thanks for reading, I have now! It's fun.

  4. Awesome guitar. I've always wanted to learn how to play, but like you I thought strumming patterns were evil. Sometimes I really think I'm one track minded I can't seem to change chords while trying to continue the strumming pattern. and the whole down down up turns to down up down etc and eventually I get mad and the guitar goes back to it's case lol. Did you take guitar lessons or did you teach yourself?

    1. I taught myself for about two months, and then took a course at school (thought that didn't help THAT much...), then I took the second level course this past summer and that instructor taught me a lot more of the technical stuff. So I guess it's a bit of both. I started self-taught, and then took some courses too. :)

      Strumming was confusing at first but once you get used to it it's the easiest thing! Changing chords gets easier as you practice more too. *~*

    2. Oh wow, I've always wanted to prove that I could learn it myself and at the same time, I'm strapped for cash as well and taking lessons not offered in school is quite expensive T_T

      What made the strumming easier to get? Did you just practice it constantly?

    3. Yes. I feel like there comes a point at which your hands/brain just suddenly understand how to coordinate with each other? LOL. But the first months I really was extremely confused. I think practice is key, really.


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