Friday, July 13, 2012

Everyday Minerals, July 2012

This is my second order from Everyday Minerals, though the first one was technically a half order since it was mainly samples. I ordered:
  • One foundation base in Light Medium
  • One soft bronzer
  • A double ended brush
  • & two mini sample blushes - which were on promo

I thought Light Medium was my shade, but why I didn't try out Light Medium before ordering the big size, I don't know. =_=. Actually, the LM sample was a bit darker than my skin colour so I had to mix it with Multi-Tasking Neutral sample to make it look lighter. But the big version seems to fit me fine o_o. Weird. (Or... I just got darker o_o weird again.) lol.

I'd say the coverage for this mineral base is sheer to medium. It's buildable so it differs. The "Semi-Matte" criteria DOES make my face look very moist after a few hours of wear... but "moist" is actually borderlining "oily" if I don't put loose powder over it. Though, no oxidizing, so the coverage stands.

The soft bronzer wasn't really very dark, so I suppose for lighter skinner people it'd be good for a natural look. But otherwise, ...I'm pretty sure if I went about two shades darker I could wear this as my foundation shade, lol.

I'm a fan of orange-toned blushes and lip products, so I wanted to try the coral blush "All Smiles". I was going to get the bigger product, but then with the promo going on at that time I decided to go for a bronzer in stead. Plus, I got Nature's Sweet Side along with it, which isn't really my style yet, but I could gift it to a friend~ so it was a good deal.

All Smiles looks really pink in this picture but it goes on more orange than pink. It looks really nice when I put it on since it is more orange-based. Kind of like giving my face some POP! of color.

I think I just found the orange blush I was looking for!

All Smiles

The double ended brush is nice, quite sturdy, but I find that the bristles are really anything out of the ordinary. It's soft enough, but not like... "wow" type of soft. Bought these for blush.

A problem with the sample blushes is that the containers are quite small. The small end of the dual brush seems to fit almost completely, which is fine. But the bigger end just barely fits.

So I use the smaller end to apply the colour, and then the fluffier end to blend it.

The bigger end of the dual brush dipped in All Smiles blush
The sizes compared to the Revlon 613 lipstick

A card that came with the package

And a promo coupon, which I'm probably not gonna use, so ... I'm just gonna leave it out here for anyone to use~

Will post pictures wearing these later, I'm so lazy right now, lol.

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