Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Herschel Backpack

So I realized that lately my blog has become some what of a ..what-did-I-buy-today-sort of blog. It's because I'm just so lazy to take pictures of myself actually wearing the items. Plus, I'm usually running late. Lol.

Anyway, yesterday I bought a new backback! :D

I got the Black Herschel Backpack from Little Burgundy.

Only ONE year limited warranty :( but not like I use warranties anyway, lol.

I admit it was sort of an impulse buy since I hadn't planned on buying anything when I went to the mall yesterday. But I HAD been looking for a new backpack...

I'd been looking at Incase, Jansport, and Herschel. I was sort of going to go for Jansport, but since I never really liked Jansport from the beginning I was quite partial to that. And Incase was so expensive; it didn't seem like a good deal... especially compared to Jansport's lifetime warranty. In the end it was like Incase < Jansport < Herschel. Mostly because I liked Herschel's look better, hee :P

The two plug-like sign first caught my attention years ago. A lot of Korean people were sporting it especially. o-o I thought it was a Korean brand that wasn't in the Americas yet but recently it's been popular. There's even a Herschel shop downtown in Queen St.

Padded straps w/a faux leather top strap

The front pocket looks small because of the design but in fact it's quite roomy :) Can fit little things in there. And the pretty lining doesn't hurt!

Comes with a little key holder thingy which I use for my metropass in stead (since I have like, no keys, literally)

The large compartment flap opens right up down half the bag so it's convenient. And there's a hidden small pocket on the side for the iPod.

 The laptop pocket is really big. My 13" Macbook Pro doesn't fit snugly but that's okay, I think. I can just put like a small binder in there or a course kit or something to make it less loose.

The rest of the bag is nice and wide though. Lots of room! (For 17" x 13" x 5.5" it better be! lol) No unnecessary compartments to complicate the space.

Still lots of room with my Macbook inside

Plus a small binder
That bottle is actually really tall, so it kinda shows how big it actually is...

 My friend Charlene was like "$55?!" when I tried to mouth the price to Charisse, but I think it's a good price for a good backpack... plus, I haven't been shopping as much lately so it's a treat!!! I was considering an Incase one! Which would have been even more expensive! So technically... I made a smarter decision. xD"

It's all in the name of schooling!! Just trying to be a good student!! It's okay. It was a good buy. I like this one better than any purple/pink Jansport bag I would have bought anyway.


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  2. Just realised how old this post is, but anyway how is the bag doing now, is it still holding on? I'm thinking about getting one to replace my existing one for university. The prices have risen since then and I'm not sure if I want to spend that much on a bag, is it worth it? Thanks.

    1. I didn't use it everyday so my opinion wouldn't be as accurate, but I think it holds out quite well. I would think that the Jansport bags would hold out better though (and those have the warranties too, I heard). I think this bag would be more for the look/brand than quality.

  3. I'll go check out my local depo store and hopefully they stock Jansport as well. Thanks for the reply! :D

  4. :D. I got the Black Herschel Backpack from Little Burgundy. ... rucksackherschel.blogspot.de

  5. :D. I got the Black Herschel Backpack from Little Burgundy. ... herschelbackpack.blogspot.com

  6. They are a waste of money, unless you merely want to look stylish a few months. Count on your bag to rip within a month. Mine ripped within just a few months, despite being made from parachute nylon. The stitching was so poor that it came apart at the seams.
    Do yourself a favor and buy a Jansport.

    Roaming NYC rent-free one petsit at a time


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