Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Macbook Pro Cover

Today I went to Pmall again, but this time with Charlene.
Got a new laptop cover/case for my 13" Macbook Pro (early 2011)!

I'd been using the Speck Transparent clear case, but tbh, I didn't ever like it... I just didn't feel confident enough to use colored cases a year ago =_=. And I totally should have gone with black. But anyway, yeah, so I got a new cover, finally, after almost a year :D

My favorite color since high school has always been purple and sometimes, pink. It seems though that lately I've been very much into pastels and natural/rural-toned feminine colours. So I'd been wanting a light pink case for a while now, but always felt afraid of getting attention (which, I don't even know why I'm so careful about, really =_=). I almost ordered a pink cover on eBay, like... multiple times, but I always backed out. But today since I was going to Pmall, and since I actually WAS going to buy a pink & purple case on eBay, I decided I might as well get it from Pmall (if I found a good price).

Which, I did. Got it for $13+tax.

The only thing that I didn't like about this cover was that the bottom piece had a space for the back side of the laptop. My Speck cover covered this exposed area, which was annoying back then, but now that I got used to that, THIS feels like "omg, exposed area that's not protected!"

Also, the Apple logo has a cutout for the top piece, which... hmm, I'm not sure how I feel about.
It still does look good, but then again with the exposure problem... Iunno. meh.

But I do really like this cover, I don't know why I didn't just check Pmall for covers when I bought the laptop, I guess I was in a stupid state last year. The amount of money I spent on the Speck cover I could have used to buy THIS, a PINK case, AND a black case. =___=.

But, well, at least the Moshi Clearguard for the keyboard was a good investment.

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