Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Doc Martens!

I got these uber awesome pair of Dr Martens boots from the online store about two weeks ago. It was sort of an impulse, but then not really. It cost me $180 after tax *___*, which, I know, sounds crazy because:
  1. I have no job.
  2. I have no "proper" money.*
  3. I have no job.
* (I use osap money for everything. u_u. I know. Shame.)

But... I did need fall shoes!! And... and... I'd been looking for military-styled boots since like, two years ago. The ones at Aldo and the other mall stores were always too narrow for my flat-footed feet >_<. Not to mention, the quality of those shoes. So I order the 1460s in Nappa, which is the softer, thinner alternative leather style.

The thing that scared me off from the original 1460s was the stiff leather. So I opted for the more lazy choice. (Of course.) It's not the original smooth-milled leather one, but I think I'm fine with the worn-down... matte-look of it. :)

I still haven't broken them in ><... I'd say about 70% there though. The first day I wore them indoors for like maybe 15 mins... it was suffocating. Then the second time it was a bit painful around the upper band where the tongue/flap is attached. I'd say that is the tightest part of the shoe at first. Then your focus goes to the sides, and the back.

I did look up methods on how to break in your Docs... and I think I gave this pair quite a bit of attention! I gave it a massage, a Baby Oil treatment, two Vaseline treatments, and um... a bit of a, uh, hammering down. Ahem.

It did make a bit of difference though!! Especially the vaseline.
(I put it on the inside where the tight band was, and then the hard back area.)

I got these in Size 5 UK/7 US, because these DO run big. If they had half sizes, I'd be a perfect 7.5, but unfortunately they don't. And so people like us who often wear size 8-9 (depending on the shoe) have to opt for either a really tight size 7, or a really loose size 8. The girl at the store downtown convinced me that I was a "true size 7", and that I was to stretch it out to make it to the "walk on clouds" boots status.


I've always wanted military-styled/chunky boots since my Lolita phase in high school about six years ago. It was always more of a "oh, how cool~" or "I wish I could sport that..." than a "Omg, I want that, I'd so wear it!" for me. I'm not really that adventurous or daring when it comes to Fashion. I do enjoy cutesy things, but then I also admire punk/gothic culture, with a smidge of chic-ness. Sometimes I like minimalist fashion, sometimes boho... sometimes grunge, and sometimes Korean teacher-like classy office styles. That's why my fashion blogger idols are Zoella and Tricia Gosingtian.

I found my second pair at CNE / The EX, for $79.99! With tax it came to about $90. Saved $90!
These are the black floral canvas kind that I found at the Warehouse building on a whim.

I'm a bit iffy about this pair though. Mainly because I'm sort of, kind of, maybe a little... bit suspicious about the authenticity of these Docs, but then at the same time I'm feeling quite certain that they aren't knock offs. The reason why is the difference in the label... and yes, I know, it's canvas, it's another style, but still! I can't help my doubts!

Though... not that it matters that much anyway. They're adorable!

 I haven't worn the floral ones out yet. Mainly because I haven't been out since I got it, lol. But I'm excited to break these in too ^o^~

My idea is to break them in by the time fall comes so I can wear these as fall shoes :) Plus, with the walking to and back from school, they'll be good in no time. Excited! :D


  1. Oh Gosh, this Dr Martens are AWESOME *___*
    I discovered your blog accidentally by surfing on we heart it and I founded it cute!!!!
    Your pictures and your posts are so interesting...

    Ps: Sorry for my bad English, I'm French.

  2. Hi there, awesome site. I thought the topics you posted on were very interesting. I tried to add your RSS to my feed reader and it a few. take a look at it, hopefully I can add you and follow.

    Leather Diary

  3. I just bought the floral doc martens! I love them. Are they just as hard to break in as the normal leather ones?
    And I have a blog with thrift hauls and fashion tutorials! Please check it out!

    1. Hey aren't hard to break in at all! In fact, I think it's because it is not leather, that it's softer.

  4. Hi!! I got the nappa black 8 eye boot. Size 7. Exactly like yours! I was wondering thought if nappa or smooth leather is better. What do you think?

    1. Hi Ellie! I, personally, wish I had gotten the standard smooth leather. The Nappa is good too, but I noticed that it DOES look slightly different, and once the leather softens, the front doesn't retain the shape as well as the standard Docs. I don't wear my black docs anymore because I got my sister to wear it more often and it never really ended up fitting me well (since it was extremely tight). I think now DrMartens have a female line too, if you want to check that out too! :)

  5. hello, i want to buy the same dr martens nappa ( i live in France ) but i do not find on internet can you help me please :( ?


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