Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beauty Hangout with C~

Last Saturday I went over to my friend Charlene's house. It was Reading Week (although I did no reading...) and we had decided that I would come over to her place, we'd make ourselves up, and then head to Pmall to get her dress fitted (for a ball). The plan also included me coming back to her place after our Pmall trip, and us having a beauty chilling session.

So I brought a bagful of my beauty products - skincare, makeup, hair curling wand, sister's dslr camera, etc. and we had ourselves a makeup session!

Here's my friend of nine years, Charlene! :)

She's actually wearing Missha bb cream, my Everyday Minerals powder, a little blush, and her Revlon lip butter! More than one item! Omg! xP

I lent my Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream (#21) to Charlene since her skin type is similar to mine. She also let me play doll and curl her hair and put some blush on her, lol. (She doesn't usually wear anything more than foundation, so it's a little bit of a big deal)

And here's me! :)
We're actually both wearing the same bb cream and powder, yet I'm so much more yellow, LOL.

Usually I'm the one with the curled hair but that day I didn't feel like it. My hair was so flat and my bangs were messed up T_T. I suppose this would be a good moment to document my current hair length. It's at this length now, which I consider short, sigh. Wish it'd grow faster. But anyway,

Charlene helped me with taking pictures of my products that day. Sigh. I'm so lazy about it, but knowing that her place has better lighting I figured I might as well take advantage of the opportunity. I brought over my sister's huge camera and everything, but -- batteries ran out. =______=;;; So, I ended up borrowing HER sister's camera, which was nice of her :)

Charlene took this picture for her instagram while I was taking my pictures, lol

Finally after two hours of me stalling and doing her cousin's eyebrows and what not, we left for the Pmall errand. But not before taking selcas! :P We really don't have enough pictures together.

After we got back and ate, of course the first thing we did was take off our makeup! Taking off makeup and having a clean face is always such a spirit refresher when you get back home. That day I'd brought over a lot of my recently bought skincare products and was feeling excited about it, so I somewhat coerced Charlene into trying them too, haha.

And after that, we finally used the free Rice sheet masks we'd got from the Face Shop the weekend earlier. She bought her Mango lotion from there that day so she got the same one too!

The Face Shop masks don't fit our face well, ROAR! D8<

Did I mention Charlene has a lava lamp? Who has lava lamps nowadays?! Hardly anyone! *__* I wanted one last semester when my eyes would zone out too much *__*. Wanted something animated in the background. Reggie solved that problem by gifting me a betta fish though, haha. The lava lamp was given to her by her cousin apparently. I made her turn it on for me before we left for Pmall. She hadn't turned it on in years, so it was taking extra long warming up. By the time we came back it was fit and blob-y though! So cool :P


That was pretty much what we did that day. Not a lot, but it was an easy-going chill time. The times we hang out it seems like the time passes really fast, and we hardly end up doing much, lmao. We're not very exciting people, haha! but that's okay. ;P


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