Sunday, February 24, 2013

Review: The FACE Shop - Brightening Cleansing Oil

Brightening Cleansing Oil (with Prune)

- - from the OIL SPECIALIST series

I got this cleansing oil a week ago at The FACE Shop store in Pacific Mall (Pmall). I wasn't intending on buying anything there when I went with my friends, but I suppose I got sucked into the appeal of a whitening, brightening cleansing oil. I was looking for a whitening product of some sort, since I recently decided to try whitening my face again (to even out the skin tone). But I was also kind of eyeing cleansing oils ever since I saw the Korean beauty show with Eugene of S.E.S. where they were featuring skincare for dry skin.

This is my first cleansing oil, so I can't say that much. The reason why I decided to get this one is because of the brightening effects. The salesgirl said that it would also whiten (to even out skin tone), which is the main appeal for me. The packaging is simple and pretty, and made of plastic so it's convenient. I just use one pumpful for my whole face.

The oil runs smoothly, applies smoothly, and smells nice. It does remove all my makeup, even mascara. One time I massaged it into my face for more than just a minute or two and my skin was really soft afterwards. Not sure if I can credit the oil for that day completely though. The scent is unidentifiable to me. I'm not sure what scent it is, but it is quite nice. I think it might be a bit on the fruity/floral side, is it the prune? I don't know.

Charlene's hand :P

I wish I had gone for the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil though. I realized later that that is the oil that was featured in the show too. The reason why I wish I had tried that one in stead is because that oil is the only one (at the moment) that emulsifies into washable liquid when it comes in contact with water. This cleansing oil, on the other hand, is like regular cleansing oil which remove makeup and clean skin -- it doesn't wash off well with water.  In fact, the other day I tried using this on semi-wet face with semi-wet hands... and let me tell you, it was not good. The oil became thick and it was difficult to use.

I can't just wash this off with warm water. I have to do the extra step of foam cleansing using my Laneige cleanser and my new foaming net/bubble maker thing (which I also bought from the Missha shop in Pmall). This is my main issue with this cleanser. For someone lazy like me, I don't even know why I bothered adding a cleansing oil into my regime. The Laneige Cleanser does a fine job at removing all my makeup and cleansing my face by itself. Although this cleansing oil smells nice and makes me feel like I'm doing SOMETHING to improve my skin... so far I haven't seen that much of a difference. But then again, it's only been a week.



  1. Does it really brighten your face? I'm in need of some face brightening solution xD

    1. It's good as a makeup remover, but the "brightening" effect is very little, imo. I wouldn't buy it again (since I'd rather try other products).

    2. Thanks for the reply. I'll pass on it then.


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