Saturday, March 9, 2013

New phone

[ The backstory ] 
About three days ago my refurbished HTC Panache went into a deep coma (it hasn't woken up since). So I visited the Mobilicity booth at the mall, only to told that my warranty had expired six months ago. I didn't even know that the warranty for refurbished phones was only six months. Imagine my disappointment. To my ire, I then got redirected to Pmall by the guy working at the booth. He suggested getting it checked out there.
So yesterday I went to Pmall before my 4pm class... left my phone for a check up, looked around for new phone prices, and then went on ahead to class. I was feeling quite productive (since I woke up early and actually was sticking to plans...) until I returned to Pmall at 7:30pm, only to be told that NOPE! my phone was unfixable. *flip table* To top that off, commuting back from Pmall was terrible. Not only did it start to snow, but I was also wearing my lighter boots in expectation of light rain so I was cold. And then (!) I kept making the wrong choices of getting off busses to take other routes. The busses ended up taking longer, making the route-change decision a fail every time. *huff* anyway...

[ Today ]
I went out to get myself a Samsung Galaxy Nexus - the same one my sister got during the Boxing Day sales. I ended up buying it for about $373 (including tax). My wallet = hurt. During the commute back I fiddled with the phone, slowly customizing it... which slowly numbed the wound by charming me with its cool features and outlook, lol. By the time I reached home, my brain had already filed away the fact that I spent almost $400 on a phone. Now $400 for a good phone is not a bad deal. But spending $400 on ANYTHING, especially now at a time when I am saving to go to Korea, is BAD (for me). I could have spent $400 on a good jacket two years ago and felt great about enjoying it, but right now... I'm just *grimace*.

Anyway, I like the phone... definitely a step up from my previous phones! And also, I am finally out of my HTC phone-streak! Third time's the charm? lol. I can also finally try Anipang, which I'd been wanting to try ever since that Shinhwa Broadcast episode featured it and from that time I saw a classmate playing it in school D: except... I tried it now, and I'm really bad at it. LOL. I guess that fever's over!

Perhaps I'll go get a cover for it tomorrow... it will need the protection (what ever little it may be)... especially in the hands of clumsy ol' me! Maybe I'll get it screen protected too. >< Phone #2 even had a dent in the screen, and that too within 11 months of use! >_<.

Please survive for at least three years, new phone. kthanks.
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