About Me

I'm Anri. I'm twenty-one years old and currently residing in Canada. 
I'm a university student in East Asian Studies. My interests include: Korean and Japanese music and entertainment culture, cute mmorpgs, sewing, manga, window/shopping, Asian cosmetics, skincare, fashion, cats, desserts, dreaming, and perhaps other floral, frilly, pink pastel things.

I've mostly been an internet lurker for the past half of my life (almost). A netizen, perhaps? But since I've been trying to discipline myself a bit (ha!), and trying to be a bit "productive", and all... here's my little project in the form of a blog! Since my sister got presented with a cool camera, I sort of got into taking pictures. And where else to show them off than here?! So that's what this is going to be, really. Or maybe something about beauty items, fashion items, miscellaneous items, or a travel log of some sort. I don't know yet. But we'll see how things go and where they lead to. :)
(I'm quite bad at introductions, but since life is always simpler in lists you can go to my Listography here in stead to get some random tid-bits of who I am)


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